Having worked at a translation office for several years and being a bilingual native speaker of German and English, as well as having studied English, I am versant in the requirements of professional translations (proofreading and format checking/correcting were part of daily life). I was schooled in Trados for project managers and am familiar with Photoshop/InDesign and other programs as well.

Several Years of Experience 

Translating from German to English and English to German is my speciality, thanks to several years of experience. 

Several CAT-Tools  

I am versant with CAT-Tools such as Trados, Passolo, MultiTerm, WordFast and Xbench so that your TM's are seemlessly updated and quality inherently double-checked.

Insured Translation

I am professionally insured with professional liability insurance and professional assets liability insurance. For more information feel free to read more under Insurances or contact me directly.

Technical and medical Translations

Several Years of Experience  

I have several years of experience with engineering  translations and longstanding interest in medicine.

Consistent Termonilogy  

Many terms, especially in engineering, have several means of expression and can thus cause confusion. I therefore guarantee meticulous consistency for each term, a consistency which extends to the source text.

Use of Translation CAT Tools  

Especially in the engineering realm, there are many repetitions (e.g. in assembly instruction documents). Using translation CAT tools makes sure that the repetitions are always the same and reduce the price as they create less work.


Due to my marriage and residence in Iran I have aquired colloquial Farsi. I would enjoy supporting fellow humans and refugees making themselves understood.

Colloquial Usage

Everyday communication and paraphrasing of concepts and circumstances, on a level that is easily understood.

Intercultural Knowledge and Sensibility

Due to my residence in Iran I am familiar with the culture and world view common in the Middle East. Furthermore, my minor was intercultural communication. 

Reading & Writing

I can read and write everyday Farsi.